November 2017

Important Dates 

Saturday, November 25 ~ Thanksgiving Gathering 1600 hrs. at SHYC 
Sunday, December 31~New Years Eve Gathering 1000 hrs. at SHYC             

Monday June 18~Opening Work Week 
Sunday June 24~Opening Meeting 
Sunday June 24~
New Member Party
Monday June 25~
Session 1 Sailing School Begins     
Saturday July 1~
Day Sailer Regatta 
Tuesday July 3~Float Decoration Party 
Wednesday July 4~Fourth of July Parade
Friday July 6
 ~ SHYC Opti Regatta
Saturday July 7~ All Member Cocktail Party
Wednesday, July 11~
Ladies Night                Friday July 13~Speaker Series /Fun Friday 
Friday July 20~
Session 1 End 
Saturday July 21
~Clam Bake on Chief’s Pier

Monday July 23
Session 2 Begins 
Friday July 27~ Junior Member event
Saturday July 28~ Luau       Wednesday August 1 
~Senior Luncheon 
Friday August 3~ 
Speaker Series/Fun Friday
Saturday August 11~Commodore’s Ball   
    Friday August 17~  Session 2 End 
Friday August 17~
 Ladies Luncheon Special 40th
Friday August 17~ Speaker Series/Fun Friday
Saturday August 18~ Hovey Cup & Jr. Hovey Cup 
Sunday August 19th ~ Closing Meeting

The SHYC Merchandise Committee will be offering a holiday item again this season. Details coming your way soon. 

Commodore's Report

Welcome to the SHYC fall newsletter,

I would like to share with you some updates from the Club this fall.   Our work improving the new Sailing Center continues.  We will begin work over the next month on replacing the upper deck.   The existing deck has fallen into disrepair over the years.   We will replace the current rubber roof on that portion of the building and then replace the existing deck, rail structure, and stairs.   The Sailing Center saw lots of use last summer from both our sailing school operations and social events.  Having this additional space to use next season will be a great addition.  The view up there is not bad either!  Stay tuned for progress pictures over the winter.  

I am excited to announce that the Club has moved forward in the early planning stages necessary to evaluate the feasibility of renovating our existing waterfront pier structure.  We have contracted with Coast Engineering of Orleans to help with a feasibility study, design, and costing associated with a potential renovation.  The adjacent town pier is also going through the same process.   We should have a conceptual design showing a few different scenarios for this space by early January.  The long-range planning group and Board will review these options and report back to membership on our findings before moving forward. 

As you enter the holiday season and connect with friends and family, please share with those who might be interested that the Club’s membership process for summer 2018 will soon be underway.  The Club appreciates nominations from its current members.  All inquires should be directed to: Johanna Cahoon, for more information about Membership, please visit our website.

Registration for summer 2018 Sailing School will head your way toward the end of January.  We are already busy working behind the scenes to make sure that summer 2018 builds on our success from this past summer.  In the mean time, if you have questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact Chris Beard or David Leary.

I am looking forward to seeing folks in Chatham next week.  Have a great holiday with friends and family! 

Matt Evans



A special Thank You to SHYC alum, photographer Chris Seufert, for photographing the Commodore's Ball. To view the pictures, please click here, gallery password and pin are in your emailed copies of this newsletter, but will not be posted here for privacy reasons. Pictures will be available through December 22nd. To order copies through Chris or to discuss hiring him for portaits or an upcoming event, please visit
Contact Debbie Evans with any other questions about the photos. 



Vice Commodore's Report

Socializing at Stage Harbor was alive and well in 2017.  Highlights included the All Member Cocktail Party and Auction at the Wilson/Angelino’s, a Clam Bake on Chief’s Pier and the Commodore’s Ball at Judy Hoyt’s residence.  Two Speaker Series events were well attended, one focused on the history of One Design Sailing at SHYC and the other on the plight of Herring Population due to commercial overfishing.  Fun Friday, a new event, welcomed all ages and membership categories for food, drinks, and socializing among friends new and old.  Held at the Sailing Center late Friday afternoon, students had the opportunity to share with parents what they had recently learned in sailing school, and families were welcome to rig a boat and head out for sail.

Looking ahead, all traditional social events will return to SHYC for the summer of 2018!  Be sure to check the Important Dates listing for specific dates and times.  Some 2018 highlights: both the Speaker Series and Fun Fridays will expand from two to three dates, and we have a special theme planned for the Speaker Series – stay tuned for details in our next newsletter!  The midsummer Clam Bake will return on July 21.  Three Junior Member events are being planned, two off-season and one summer event on Friday, July 27. The summer of 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the Ladies Luncheon.  In recognition of this milestone, we have planned a Ladies Night on Wednesday July 11 at the Sailing Center and a special end-of-summer Ladies Luncheon celebration.

SHYC is always striving to maintain a strong history while keeping pace with the times. Following up on the success of both our new and traditional programs over the summer of 2017, we have formed a Membership Engagement Group that will take a closer look at how best to continue meeting the needs of our community at all membership levels. Suggestions and feedback about any of our programming are always welcome!

The fun continues in the Off Season!
Junior Members gather at the India Wharf Rats Club in Boston over Veteran's Weekend

Upcoming Social Events:Saturday, Nov 25 @ 1600 hrs. ~ Thanksgiving Cider and donuts by the fire at SHYC 
Sunday, Dec 31 @ 1000 hrs. ~ New Years Eve Gathering at SHYC

Drew Carlson
Vice Commodore

 A note from the Tech Committee:

We will be printing our 2018 Directory in the early Spring, please take a moment to confirm your listing information through this form.  If you need to add any children to your household account, please contact Sara Frye. If you are interested in helping out with Technology, please contact Sara Wilson, we're especially looking for people to help with the Member Directory and photo sharing/organization. Thanks!

Rear Commodore's Report

We are looking forward to next summer’s sailing and racing season. The Opti and 420 race teams are hoping to continue to add to their ranks with fun regattas and great coaching! The 420 race team will see more team racing opportunities as well as the usual Fleet racing regattas. Stay tuned for the exciting new SHYC team racing gear!

We will be scheduling a towing clinic at the beginning of the season in June. You know you’re having a great summer when you look in your rear view mirror and see an SHYC boat trailer attached to your car!

The 2018 SHYC Opti Regatta will take place on July 6. Last year’s regatta was extremely successful thanks to our many volunteers, great weather and the guest appearance by a whale!

Regina Shakin

Rear Commodore

From the Sailing School: During the off season, the Sailing School will work closely with the Program Director, Flag Officers and Board to review the BIC and Adventure Sail programs and 420 racing.  Parents are encouraged to share feedback and thoughts on any Sailing School-related programs with David Leary here.  Please look for registration materials after the holidays.

David Leary
SHSS President

 2017 Special Awards

Up and Over

Avery Keller, Chase Walker, Paige Fenton, Luke Cummings

Senior Shipshape

Dawson Ritche

Junior Shipshape

Sarah Leary

USSA Sportsmanship

Conor Donahue

Junior Sportsmanship

Caroline Friendly

Opti Creed (Jr Seamanship)

Ashley Quinn


Tyler Quake

Senior Sportsmanship

Bob Bainbridge

40 or Older

Maryanne Smith

Crew Trophy

Hammond Hearle

Bent Mast

Olivia Gonzalez

Unsung Worker

Victoria Quake

Instructor Award

Riley Eger

Tia Adamo

Corinne Adamo

Senior Sailing School

Jane Moffett

Sailing School Award

Brady Smith

Batchelder Trophy

Gonzalez Family

Mates Class Racing Championship

Caroline Friendly

Skippers Match Racing

Shep Hearle

Siewert Cup

Ashley Quinn

Skippers Class Single Handed

Ryan Smith

Limulus Polyphemus

Sara Wilson

F. Spaulding Dunbar Award

Sonja Bartlett


Click here for the full minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting