1300 HRS



Commodore Report

Matt Evans opened the meeting by noting that his highlight of the summer was hosting our Opti Regatta complete with minke whale swimming just off our pier.

First order of business was to entertain a motion to waive the reading of the reading of the minutes

Motion: Drew Carlson

Second: Susanne Taylor

Commodore noted that there were many people in new roles at the club this year

Program Director: Chris Beard

Administrative Assistant: Claire Hooper

Head Instructor: Kelsey

420 Coach: Riley Eger

The Commodore thanked the following people for their contributions this summer:

Lisa Edge and Christine Harvey for their work with Teas

Denise Ritchie, Jeanne Krauss and Victoria Chane for Merchandise

Sara Wilson – for the Weekly Newsletters


Vice Commodore Report

Drew Carlson noted that we had a busy Social Calendar this summer.  He noted the main social events and thanked the organizers of each:


Opening Meeting Cookout – Earlier time with party of the beach to follow

New Member Cocktail Party

All Member Cocktail Party and Auction

Laurel Driscoll and Pam Cummings – Party Chairs

Audrey Fenton and Victoria Quake – Auction Chairs

Sara Wilson and Lele Angelino - Host

Float Decorating Party - Staff

Speaker Series Event at First Light Boatworks

Inga Walker and Ella Georgiades - Chairs

Woody Metzger and Jim Donovan- Hosts

Richard Batchelder Jr. guest speaker - the history of F. Spaulding and One Design Sailing at SHYC

July FUN Friday and Sailing School Parent Gathering

Lisa Lucy and Cary Keller Chairs

Clam Bake

Jessica King and Susan Gotchewski Chairs



John Forger Chair and SHYC staff

Senior Luncheon

Lynne Roe and Kathy Lewis Chairs, and SHYC staff

Speaker Series Event with the Hook Fishermen – Blue Fin Tuna

Inga Walker and Ella Georgiades - Chairs

John Pappalardo and Captain Bruce

Commodore’s Ball –Debbie and Matt Evans Chairs - Among the best in recent memory

Sunday Tea – Lisa Edge and Christine Harvey

Ladies Luncheon – The 39th annual ladies luncheon

Hosted by Amelia McCarthy and Drew Carlson

August Fun Friday

Cary Keller and Victoria Quake – Hats off for a second outstanding FF

Annual Meeting Chowder - Lisa Edge and Amelia McCarthy


Rear Commodore Report

Regina Shakin noted that we had an active summer of racing which included a successful Opti Regatta, Gill Regatta and a 3rd place team racing finish.  She thanked all of the parent volunteers, in particular:

Marianne Smith and Victoria Quake for excellent work as Opti Fleet Captains

Armando – for 420 Fleet Captain and Safety Patrol

Sonja – For all of her help with Lunch Bunch and the BIC program

Thank you to the coaches - \

Riley Eger and Sarah deSilva for their excellent work coaching 420 sailors

Theo Bartlett and Will Batchelder for Opti Coaching

George and Lawson Lewis for their work with the BIC fleet

Thank you to the Stewards for their hard work this summer

Thanks to the entire staff for a great summer

Regina then noted that the Hovey Cup Finals was to follow the Annual Meeting


Matt then personally thanked Regina for her hard work and for towing the boats this summer. He also thanked the Instructors and Stewards


Sailing School President

David Leary reported on a successful 2017 Sailing School season and thanked the many people who made it possible.

He reported that the goals going into this season were: (1) increased enrollment and participation in sailing school classes; (2) a renewed focus on curriculum for all classes, intended to teach confident sailors and to ensure that they are fun and stay on the water; (3) expanded opportunities for kids to be at the Club and enjoy this special spot.

The Sailing School’s overall enrollment and class participation was significantly up this year and David thanked Susanna Beckwith, Audrey Fenton, and Sara Wilson for their off season help in reviewing classes and curriculum. Out of that process, the Sailing School launched the Adventure Sail, all day shore school, an invigorated STEM class and set the curricular goal of ensuring that the program meets all of its students where they are so that they remain enthusiastic about being at the Club and sailing.  David also thanked Sara Wilson for her work on the new website and communications strategy to help members understand our class offerings and to drive enrollment. 

David also thanked Chris Beard and Kelsey Shakin and congratulated the entire staff on a job well done.

Additionally, David reported that the lunch program was a success and saw increased enrollment.  He thanked Sonja Bartlett for making that program a success.

Treasurer Report:


Jim Shakin reported the following:

The Board originally budgeted for approximately $350,000 of revenues across our three entities, and for approximately $330,000 in costs, giving us a $20,000 potential surplus for unforeseen events.  We were also scheduled to spend the balance of the money raised for the new Sailing Center.

While we only have official numbers through the end of July, we're looking pretty good to hit the budget.  On revenues, we've especially been helped by a great auction as well as strong donations, adding up to a combined total of over $30,000.  Costs are a little too early to determine relative to budget, as we are still getting repair and maintenance numbers and may also have some engineering costs associated with the SHE pier that were not originally in the budget.  But I think we're looking pretty good here, too.

From a balance sheet perspective, we have no debt, and if we do generate any surplus this year, it would add to our underlying liquidity position of approximately $250,000.  But as a reminder, while that may sound like a lot of money, we have a long list of high-cost items to keep in mind, with the biggest potentially being the repair of the SHE pier.


Program Director Report

Chris thanked his staff and spoke about the strength of the staff and how much he enjoyed year one at SHYC.


2017 Awards:



Up and Over

Avery Keller, Chase Walker, Paige Fenton, Luke Cummings


Senior Shipshape

Dawson Ritche


Junior Shipshape

Sarah Leary


USSA Sportsmanship

Conor Donahue


Junior Sportsmanship

Caroline Friendly


Opti Creed (Jr Seamanship)

Ashley Quinn



Tyler Quake


Senior Sportsmanship

Bob Bainbridge


40 or Older

Maryanne Smith


Crew Trophy

Hammond Hearle


Bent Mast

Olivia Gonzalez


Unsung Worker

Victoria Quake


Instructor Award

Riley Eger


Tia Adamo

Corinne Adamo


Senior Sailing School

Jane Moffett


Sailing School Award

Brady Smith


Batchelder Trophy

Gonzalez Family


Mates Class Racing Championship

Caroline Friendly


Skippers Match Racing

Shep Hearle


Siewert Cup

Ashley Quinn


Skippers Class Single Handed

Ryan Smith


Limulus Polyphemus

Sara Wilson


F. Spaulding Dunbar Award

Sonja Bartlett




New Business

Commodore Evans asked if there was any new business.  There was none.


Nominating Committee Report

Commodore Evans thanked Susanne Taylor and her committee for their tireless work present a strong slate. 




2017 Annual Meeting

Stage Harbor Yacht Club



Flag Officers (one-year term)

Commodore:                      Matt Evans

Vice Commodore:             Drew Carlson

Rear Commodore:       Regina Shakin


Officers (one-year term)

Treasurer:                          Jim Shakin

Secretary:                          Bill Driscoll


Directors At Large

Jane Frye (2019)

Denise Ritchie (2019)


Directors ex-Officio

Matt Evans

Drew Carlson

Regina Shakin

Jim Shakin

  Bill Driscoll

David Leary

Elizabeth C. Patten


 Continuing Directors at Large  (not up for election)

Michael Hearle (2018)

Didi Lovett (2018)



2017 Annual Meeting

Stage Harbor Sailing School, Inc.


Officers (one-year term)

Commodore:               Matt Evans

President:                          David Leary

Treasurer:                          Jim Shakin

Clerk:                                Audrey Fenton


Directors at Large

Andrew Friendly (2019)

Victoria Quake (2019)

Inga Walker (2019)



 Directors ex-Officio

Matt Evans

Drew Carlson

Regina Shakin

David Leary

Audrey Fenton

Jim Shakin


Continuing Directors at Large (not up for election)

Jeff Cahoon (2018)

Armando Gonzalez (2018)



                                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        The Nominating Committee


                                                                        Susanne Taylor, Chair (2017)

                                                                        Sonja Bartlett (2018)

                                                                        Doug Landy (2018)

                                                                        Doug Whitla (2017)

                                                                        Elizabeth C. Patten (ex officio)




Membership on the Nominating Committee


Stage Harbor Yacht Club, Inc.


Stage Harbor Sailing School, Inc.

2017 Annual Meeting


Members of the Nominating Committee


Doug Landy, Chair (2019) (not up for election)

Sonja Bartlett (2018) (not up for election)

Susanne Taylor (2018) (not up for election)

Sara Wilson (2019)

Elizabeth C. Patten (ex officio)



                                                                   Respectfully submitted,


                                                                   Matt Evans






Seconder (Driscoll)