Lunch @ SHYC Program

The Lunch @ SHYC Program gives students in morning sailing school classes the opportunity to stay at the Club for lunch and activities with their friends on select days, under the supervision of Sailing School Staff.

Sailors should pack their favorite brown bag lunch and bring their own water bottle. The Club will provide a cold drink and chips each day to supplement their own bagged lunches. Look out for surprise popsicle days and ice cream sundae bars provided by our wonderful parent volunteers. For older sailors who just want to "chill with friends," a space will be provided.

Policies & Rules:

  • Lunch @ SHYC begins at 12:00 and ends promptly at 1:30pm. For safety and supervision reasons, children not remaining at the club to participate in afternoon sailing programs must be picked up no later than 1:30pm. 
  • Cost is $5 per child per day. No preregistration is required at this time; families will be billed at the end of the summer for all sessions their child(ren) attended.
  • Children may not leave the Club during Lunch @ SHYC without an adult, please note that some programs occur on the water, so children may not arrive late or depart early (except in cases of emergency).
  • Children must follow the Sailing School Rules of Conduct at all times. 
  • For safety reasons, participants must stay only in the areas of the club designated for lunch activities.
  • Children may only stay on the days designated for their respective sailing class, any child remaining at the Club after 1200 but not eligible to attend Lunch @ SHYC, must wait inside the Clubhouse until he or she is picked up by an adult.

Lunch @ SHYC Schedule:

MONDAY           Seamen and Hermits
TUESDAY          Mates, Old Mates & Skippers
WEDNESDAY    Old Mates & Skippers
THURSDAY       Mates, Old Mates & Skippers
FRIDAY              None